Discord servers

A Discord server allows you to communicate with text, images, videos or sound files. You can also create voice channels which are useful for gamers looking to talk while they play. But it is possible to have private chats too.

Users are never forced to share anything and have complete control over the sharing of content on the server. As such, the contents of Discord servers are not moderated.

Discord was originally developed by Hammer & Chisel, but is now supported by Discord Inc. It allows users to create their own servers or join others' servers. Server owners can customize the server's name and avatar, add channels for various topics and adjust permissions on these channels so that only certain user roles can post or read messages. Discord servers allow for the creation of text and voice channels, and there is no limit on number of users or channels.

Discord server

Discord allows you to send and receive images, videos and files of any type (.mp3, .mpeg, etc.). It also allows direct messaging between users in a server. The app has a "no outside scripts" rule, so no malware can be uploaded onto the servers. It also allows you to do custom text-to-speech or server wide sound effects.

Discord servers can be entirely public or visible only to the members of a specific server. Each Discord user has an avatar and can be identified by name or custom Chat Handle which is represented as a "@username" notation. The Discord servers also allow for customized emoji, Giphy search and other such features.

Making a Discord server can be a great way to expand your community and make new friends. If you have a small community, it's always worth your time to get everyone on the same Discord server to communicate more easily with each other. For gamers, this is especially useful because it gives you the ability to see what voice chat channels are available for other players, and allows you to join them easily.